Once You Go Brown You Never Go Black

Once You Go Brown You Never Go Black

Most of my clients are fair skinned with blond hair and blue eyes. In the beginning I was doing what I was taught in school and that was to use black lashes on all my clients.  What I quickly learned was how dramatic it was for some of my fair skinned clients who had blond or light brown hair with light colored eyes.  The only option I really had was to tone down the curl, length, or thickness of the lash extensions.

Discovering Brown Lashes

Then I discovered brown lashes. It’s becoming more popular in the lashing industry but not a lot of lash artists provide it in my area yet. I’ve had a couple of clients interested in brown lashes so far but I have a feeling it’s just the beginning because they look really natural and beautiful! What my clients love about the brown lashes is how it doesn’t look like they’re wearing mascara or extensions.

Switching From Black to Brown

Making the switch requires some research and investing for the lash artist.  For me I had to purchase all the different curls, lengths, and diameters of brown lashes.  I must admit working with brown lashes is a little tricky.  Initially I was using black adhesive with the brown lashes and noticed it was a little dark.  I was told to continue using my black adhesive but to use only a tiny bit so it doesn’t show.  But my perfectionism kicked in and I wanted to find something better and that’s how I found clear adhesive. It’s so much harder to work with because it’s CLEAR! But it’s worth keeping the lash line looking clean and pretty. Maybe there’s an adhesive that’s goes from white to clear like the DUO Glue for lash strips?

A Happy Client

One of my clients wanted to try something more natural because her husband and kids noticed the black lashes on her right away.  So I showed her the brown lashes and she wanted to give it a try.  I removed all of her black lashes and gave her a new set of brown lashes.  They were beautiful and so much softer against her skin and eyes. Best of all it didn’t take away from her pretty face like the black lashes did.  It makes me happy to be able to give my clients what they want and to show something even better.

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