Microblading Alternatives for Those Who Aren’t Ready

Microblading Alternatives for Those Who Aren’t Ready

Some of my clients have had microblading before but most are first timers and are often the ones who are guinea pigs for their friends and family.  But even after hearing about and watching their friends and family transform their brows beautifully with microblading, the process might sound scary, painful, or too permanent.  To be honest, microblading is an experience that requires patience, it can be painful depending on your pain tolerance and whether or not you can numb, and it is semi-permanent but NOT permanent like a tattoo.  The more you know what to expect, the fewer surprises and easier the process will be.

But if you’re just not convinced that microblading is for you yet or ever, I’ve created an effective alternative for you.  It’s not as convenient and time-saving as microblading but it will allow you to wake up with smudge-free brows like your friend’s envious microbladed brows. Mua-ha-ha!

Brow Tint

I love using tints for when my microbladed brows are faded and I’m overdue for a touch up. But it works just as well for those who don’t have any microblading at all. The only downside is it only lasts a couple of days for me since I have oily skin but it may last longer for other skin types.  It’s a great way to have smudge-free brows for a weekender getaway. How these tints work is they stain the skin so you want to exfoliate your skin for maximum absorption and use a gentle face cleanser.

Brow Growth Serum

Growth serums are so popular now for lashes and brows and what’s great is they actually work. There’s a lot of products on the market made for both that you can find on Amazon from $15+.  Unfortunately, these growth serums do not create NEW hair growth or revive any from the dead. I’ve tried growing back the brow hairs that once thrived during my teenage years but they never came back. How these growth serums work is they extend the lifespan of the EXISTING hair and nourish it making it longer and thicker.


If you’ve tried any of these techniques, please share what has worked for you by commenting below!





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