Essentials for a New Lash Artist

Essentials for a New Lash Artist

Getting Started

I wish I knew about all the things the lash world had to offer and what was necessary when I first started.  It definitely took me a few clients to figure out what was necessary to have in my kit in order to provide better service and make my life easier.  Here’s a list of must-haves for a new lash artist to make your journey a little easier:

Beauty Case

If you didn’t get a kit with your academy you’ll definitely need to purchase one to keep all your supplies clean and protected. I recommend getting one with adjustable dividers with a lock like Ollieroo. They’re durable and affordable.


Have a spare set of tweezers and make sure you don’t go cheap on these.  Without good tweezers you can’t lash.  You want to make sure the tweezers have a good grip and no light comes through when you close the tweezers.  Also watch what happens when you squeeze the tweezers harder.  Some will actually release the grip at the tip!  A good tweezer will stay closed all the way through whether you give it a slight or firmer squeeze.

Lash Extensions

I’ve gone through so many brands and I’m about to test out a few more to find the perfect match.  I’ve ordered lashes from Sugarlash Pro, Bella Lash, Borboleta, Glad Lash, and Lash Tavern. I’ll tell you all about the brands another time.  For now, I would recommend Borboleta Beauty because they’re known to be the best, they have a lot of options that are actually in stock, and they have a 30 day return policy.

Application System

Find out what method of applying lashes works best for you.  Practice on your mannequin and consider how close you want that adhesive to your eyes and nose because it might burn.  Also notice your posture.  If you’re hunched over see if there’s a way you could lower your chair so you can sit up a little more. You might like having the strips of lashes on the back of your hand or on a palette.  See if you like to use a glue ring for your adhesive or placing it on a jade stone. I’ve even seen lash artists just place the adhesive on the plastic that peels off the collagen pads.


To start you need an adhesive with a 3-4 second dry time. For me, after about ten clients I was ready to move on to a 2-3 second dry time which made a huge difference for me.  I made the switch when I found myself holding the isolation and waiting for the adhesive to dry. There are so many great adhesives, but the ones I’m using now are from Lash Tavern which has the BEST customer service.


There’s liquid, gel, and creams removers. I would recommend using a thicker consistency like a gel or cream remover to avoid getting any in your clients eyes.


Don’t skip the primer.  It removes any dirt or excess oil from the natural lash achieving a stronger bond and better retention.

Double Sided Tape

I use Scotch double sided tape the strips to a crystal palette.

Eye Pad

You’ll need at least a couple types of eye pads.  Some clients will have a reaction to the collagen so get eye pads without all the fancy collagen.

Micropore Tape

I have soooo many different tapes and I’m still searching for the perfect one. I just ordered Nexcare Sensitive Skin Tape and hope it has just enough hold without being too sticky.  You’ll need this to cover any loose lower lashes and keep the eye pad in place.  It’s also useful for taping back extra skin around the eyes or hooded eyelids.

Disinfectant Hand Spray

I like Dr Bronners lavender spray because it’s natural and relaxing for the client and myself.

Disinfectant Wipes

I do microblading as well so I use Barbicide wipes for all my tools, my work station, and even my phone.  But any disinfecting wipe will work.

Handheld Fan

With fumes from the adhesive I have a large fan to keep the air circulating.  As for my clients, I use this cute little handheld fan which fits in my beauty case.


You’ll need this to cure the adhesive at the end of your service. This is better than the nano mister because the nebulizer creates finer droplets of water particles to avoid blooming and getting the adhesive too wet.  It gives a nice cooling effect and relief from eye irritation from the adhesive. Using this will allow your clients to get their lashes wet that same night.  I use it on myself after I get my lashes done and I notice my eyes aren’t as irritated. I love Lash Tavern’s Nebulizer.  It’s a little pricey but I love being able to provide convenience for my clients.

Dental Mirror

In the beginning you might accidentally glue the top and bottom lashes together so it’s better to check the lash line with this little mirror to make sure all is clear.  It also helps to check your work along the way for any gaps or inconsistencies.

Magnifier Glasses

These save my neck.  I don’t have to hunch over and get super close to my client to see what I’m doing. It’s hard to find a good pair that’ll stay put but I haven’t had any problems with Somnr.

Carbon Mask

I feel like if I’m talking to my clients I should cover my mouth so I don’t spread germs onto their face.  As a microblading artist, I had to take a Bloodborne Pathogens Course which made me EXTRA germaphobic. And it’s also good to protect yourself from the adhesive fumes.


You’ll need these disposable microbrushes to apply the primer and remover.

Eyelash Brushes

You can get the little disposable ones and give them to your clients when your done.  But I also like Lash Tavern’s travel mascara wand because it keeps the brush clean.



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